About Us

The Heart Society is a local agency serving Gaston County.   Funding sources include special events, grants, donations, the Gaston Community Foundation Run, and the United Way of Gaston County. 

Board of Directors

President:  Eric Smith
Past President: Thomas Craig Watson III
President Elect:  Rev. Dr. Joan Martin
Secretary:   Steve Huffstetler
Treasurer:  David Rogers

Jim Arter, MD
Amy Boyd
Vicki Caudill
Brad Collins
Ron Digby, MD
Pam Dills
Mike Fayed
Walter Gray
Mark Heckel, MD
Zach Howard
Chris Leazer
Johnathan Lowery
Barry Smith
Art Spencer, DVM
Mark Thompson, MD
Arnold Walker
Tom Watson, Jr.
Johnathan Williams, MD
Katy McLean Windell
Betty Ann Wittenberg

Honorary Members

Steve Campbell
George Prince, MD (deceased)
A. Waggoner, MD (deceased)
Jennie Craig Watson (deceased)


Renee Anthony, Executive Director
Pat Lanier, Administrative Assistant